Each one of our doormats comes from natural coconut husks grown in Southern India. We ensure all our partners comply towards local & international legal requirements and quality management standards to ensure each doormat has the best quality.

Our doormats are hand sprayed in the heart of Lancashire, England by our talented spray team. We use locally produced, custom high durability paints. The paints are carefully tested and trialled regularly to ensure every doormat is long lasting.

When people think of a doormat, you think of something cheap, plain and simple just to put outside your front door to keep those muddy prints left outside.

However, our Doormats bring the fun into just that. We don’t make plain old simple doormats, we ensure each one is creative, fun and cheerful.

The most important thing to us is to make your guests smile, laugh and cry (with laughter!) when they arrive at your door. A guaranteed conversation starter!