Why do you need one these good looking and practical grillpans from Chasseur?

February 24, 2019

Why do you need one these good looking and practical grillpans from Chasseur?

With barbeque season around the corner we thought we would spotlight our high quality gorgeous and practical grillpans from Chasseur.  They come in a range of colours but must admit our favourite is still the traditional Matt Black.  Simple and effective in any environment.

Why a Grill Pan? Enjoy healthy attractive Chargrilled meat, poultry, fish and vegetables in your own home. Apply a little oil, flavoured or otherwise it's upto you, to the Grill Pan and sizzle away! Not only does the Grill Pan allow you to cook healthily but it also seals in the flavour and enables you to serve up wonderful food with that fantastic Chargrilled flavour and look.

Aside from looking great in your kitchen or on the barbeque, the grill pan features an optimal gauge on all pieces, that ensures superior heat distribution and retention without hot spots. While the heat-retentive construction of Chasseur Grill Pans delivers the heat you need to get a good sear on your foods, the raised grill lines help your foods form the crust and the flavour that they would lose by cooking in their own fat. The easy-to-clean enamel coating on these pans promotes the formation of those attractive grill marks that gourmands desire while preventing food from sticking, and with two cast iron handles, these pans are easy to carry and can be transferred to the oven without worry.


Made from double-coated enameled cast iron for more durable, longer lasting cookware.

Thick cast iron base gives a more even heat distribution & fuel-efficiency to make cooking easier & more economical.

Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

Requires low to medium heat only.

Oven proof to 200°C.

Dishwasher safe, not dishwasher recommended.

Cast iron is the only choice when it comes to grills and griddles. The high heat retention means its easy to get clearly defined char grilled lines and its ability to hold high heat means searing is simple and easy. Best of all the clearly defined griddle lines on the Le Chasseur Rectangular grill means excess fat falls well clear of you food making it a healthy choice as well.

Chasseur has been manufacturing quality enameled iron cookware for over 75 years in the small French town of Donchery just outside of Champagne. The cookware of choice for leading professional chefs, enameled cast iron is prized for its versatility on the flame and in the oven, its even heating properties, its exceptional browning abilities and the ease with which it can be used and cleaned.

Each piece of Chasseur cookware is cast from solid iron and enameled twice to protect it from rusting and to create a durable and impervious cooking surface. Available in a wide range of colours, Le Chasseur cookware performs beautifully from the kitchen to the table.

These Grillpans are beautiful and practical.  We love them.

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