Want to Make some Pancakes? Easy Peasy – Heres how

February 15, 2019 1 Comment

Want to Make some Pancakes?  Easy Peasy – Heres how

You don’t need to purchase ready made batter mix to make delicious pancakes.  All you need are plain flour, milk and eggs.  Pancakes are delicious all year round and not just on Pancake Day.

Heres the our preferred pancake ingredients to make 3 – 4 pancakes depending on your pan size and preferred thickness:

4oz (114g) Plain Flour

½ Pint Milk

1 Egg

Couple of pinches of salt


Add all ingredients to mixing bowl and whisk until mixture is consistent and lump free.

Heat up a little oil in a pan such as our Chasseur Crepe Pan.

Ladle / pour enough mixture to cover base of pan and cook on medium heat until batter forms.

Are you going to toss the pancake or chicken out and flip it over with a fish slice (like me!).

Check it has browned slightly and slide your delicious pancake off on to a plate.

Add your own sweet or savoury toppings to choice.  My favourite is squeezed orange juice and sugar – easy and delightfully complements the pancake.

Have fun and enjoy.


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