The Save the Planet Debate

July 05, 2019

The Save the Planet Debate

Hello Everyone

Here at Poppys Cookshop we are not environmental activists but applaud any attempt to reduce any harmful impacts we have as the controlling presence on our amazing planet.

Much and endless debate can be had about what is, and isn't, happening to our environment. Evidence of melting ice caps and rising sea levels can be countered by the fact that the planet has natural heating and cooling cycles and the sea levels have been over a metre higher in the past.

What cannot be denied is the impact the human race is having on our oceans through many peoples littering tendency and industrial negligence. This is a pet hate of ours that people can just throw litter on the ground into our environment and think that somehow it will dissolve away in to thin air. It is rude, arrogant and harmful. Images of innocent wildlife harmed by our plastics tipping outrage is frankly heart breaking.

Moving forward we will be searching for more sustainable and non harmful products to offer you on our store. We will let you know when they arrive. Any suggestions that you would like to see added will be greatfully received and implemented if feasible.

Thanks for visiting us.


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