The Great British Bake Off Episode 2 – Sandi Loses her Head!

September 06, 2017

The Great British Bake Off Episode 2 – Sandi Loses her Head!

Biscuit week in the tent with three biscuity challenges :

  • Biscuit Sandwich
  • Technical with Fortune Cookies
  • A biscuit based board game showstopper.

The chemistry is building between the contestants, the back up team and the judges. Noel Fielding is beginning to warm to the task and Sandi Toksvig is giving him a sounding board while keeping a close eye on the contestants.  She had to tell Tom to leave his creation alone in a polite but firm manner after the time was up.

James made a come back in the biscuit sandwich task after struggling last week.

Everyone struggled with the fortune cookies. The youngest contestant Liam was particularly daunted but managed to pull through. Unfortunately Prue had to spit out Chris’s creation and that bode badly for later.

The board game showstopper inspired many different ideas as Steven came to the fore again with an amazingly detailed chess board creation.

Trainee stuntwoman Sophie - who, along with Steven, already looks destined for the final - was a model of consistency, running him closest for Star Baker. She also wrote the best fortune cookie mottos, including “Today you will mostly poo candyfloss” and “You’ll get bored of writing fortunes”.

Sandi had her head bit off by the judges as one of the pieces baked in the challenge.  No malice meant or taken.

Unfortunately we lost Chris this week as his flavoursome creations failed to come together in the presentation and texture judgement.  Good job Steven is holding up the Mens challenge for a final place.  Perhaps Tom and James can keep improving to give the Ladies some stiff competition.

So far, so good for the new Bake Off incarnation.  I'm off for one of my favourite biscuit sandwiches -  a custard cream and a brew.

Happy Baking!


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