The Great British Bake Off (2018) Episode 7 Episode 7 - Ruby's Vegan Collapse

October 16, 2018

The Great British Bake Off (2018) Episode 7 Episode 7 - Ruby's Vegan Collapse

It was the first ever vegan week, which meant the bakers had to pull off a baking delights without any butter. Who made the grade?.

Substitute contents tend to be items such as oat cream, alongside other butter milk and butter substitutes like vegan margarine and various oils.

The Signature Challenge was eight savoury tarts in two different flavours using shortcrust pastry. So no eggs or butter.  Must admit that made me feel uneasy. Just love butter.

Quite a variation in fillings arose with the competitors racking their brains to comply. Kim-Joy came up trumps with her squirrel shapes and tofu tarts that earned a hand shake. Rahuls chick pea creations were well received as were Briony's apple and onion creations.The judges were pleased with Manons summer tartlets with mushroom and cocunut. Ruby struggled with broccoli and sage offerings. Jon started with a bit of a mare with rubbery descriptions made. Bring on Kebab week he declared.

The technical challenge was one of Prue’s recipes, for a vegan tropical fruit pavlova. A meringue made without eggs and a filling without cream. Featuring meringue made with aquafaba that is the liquid of cooked chickpeas. Once whipped, it looks like meringue and pipes nicely.

Jons lack of expertise in decoration was exposed this week. Kim-Joy’s meringues looked a bit sad and there wasn’t enough fruit. Rahul’s looked far more indulgent and had the right texture. Jon’s was lazy with piping and his cream was
too runny. Briony’s meringue lost definition, but Ruby’s looked much better - good flavour and nice filling too. Manon’s meringues looked lovely and were cooked correctly with the firm outer and chewy centre.

The Showstopper challenge was a vegan celebration cake.

Jon was making a vegan chocolate cake called “only fools eat horses” (every pun intended). Briony was also making a chocolate cake. Kim-Joy is doing a fox-themed cake, because god knows Kim-Joy LOVES a woodland creature. Rahul’s cake was based on a story about how his grandmother never ate eggs after his grandad died. We dont know anymore information on why.

So with no eggs and butter the bakers were using things like oil and dairy free margarine and coconut milk. All cakes needed beautiful celebration decorations. A real challenge.

Onto the judging - Manon’s cake looked stunning, but the sponge was too heavy. ‘Looks great, tastes awful’, said Paul.  Brutal.  Kim-Joy’s cake was totally foxy and adorable, but tasted a bit like a pudding. She was born to smash Vegan Week.

“I’m in very dangerous territory”, said Ruby and her cake actually collapsed. She didnt know that Jon was going to sail to her rescue with his cake declared claggy and lacking decoration - his heart wasnt in Vegan week.  Paul was disappointed with Manon, her showstopper was awful. The judges had a tough challenge as nobody had an amazing week.

The week’s Star Baker was KIM-JOY for bringing whimsical animals to Vegan Week. At least her cake did look amazing. Jon bit the dust this week as he failed to rise anywhere near the top on any of the challenges. He is a good
baker and no one can really blame him for not being able to bake Vegan. It was a step too far on this occasion. All the best to Jon.

We’re down to the last five bakers, and only three weeks to go - things are definitely hotting up in the Bake Off tent. Next week is DANISH WEEK, because apparently there is no genre of baking too niche for Bake Off.

Have a good week.


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