Introducing Our Complete Chasseur Cast Iron Round Casserole Collection

February 10, 2019

Introducing Our Complete Chasseur Cast Iron Round Casserole Collection

Introducing Our Complete Chasseur Cast Iron Round Casserole Collection

If you think of French cooking, you might imagine mouth-watering casseroles bubbling away in cast iron pots on the hob.

Chasseur cast iron cookware has been made in the ardennes region of France, the traditional home of quality cast iron cookware' since 1924. With over 40 percent recycled content the secret to producing high quality molten iron is to use the best materials including sand during the smelting process. Once molten the iron can be cast into the desired shape before moving onto the enamelling process. Chasseur cookware is Double enamelled to ensure not only a quality finish but also an attractive product. The primer coat seals the cast iron and acts as a key for the attractive coloured top coat to produce a very durable attractive product which comes complete with a 10 year guarantee.

Traditionally cast iron cookware was used for slow cooking, something for which it is still ideal. However Chasseur cookware will be as at home on a modern induction hob as a traditional stove.

The casseroles that can be used for everything from boiling potatoes to classic slow cooked casseroles are suitable for use on all hobs or in the oven. The inside of the lids have rings

That  are designed for the moisture to condense before falling back into the food, a simple self basting system to keep your food moist and flavoursome.

The Chasseur collection of beautiful cast iron cookware are all made to exacting quality standards. The new casserole designs incorporate larger, more ergonomic handles for easier, safer lifting; an attractive, more rounded base so you can reach every part of the base of the casserole when stirring; a re-designed lid that highlights the brand; and finally a smart stainless steel lid knob.

This beatifully crafted cookware collection is summarised as follows:

Premium quality Cast Iron that has been manufactured and hand crafted in the Ardennes region of France since 1924.

Suitable for use on all hobs and in the oven.

Double enamelled for extra durability. A black primer enamel seals the cast iron while a bright secondary enamel gives both an attractive appearance and an easy clean surface.

Surprisingly environmentally friendly; as cast iron retains heat once hot it will remain hot on minimum oven/hob settings and it's manufactured with at least 40% recycled material.

Features include large handles for easy and comfortable lifting; contoured internal base for easy cooking and cleaning; self basting rings inside lid; A stainless steel knob with integral spoon rest.

The best way to look after your Chasseur cookware is to use non abrasive tools and cook with a smile on your face.

Also dishwasher safe.

These are premium products worthy of producing the most sumptuous and delicious results that your friends and family deserve – enjoy!

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