Great British Bake Off – Episode 3 – Bread Week – Cottage Loaf Jointing Methods

September 17, 2017 1 Comment

Great British Bake Off – Episode 3 – Bread Week – Cottage Loaf Jointing Methods

Tuesday's episode of the rebooted cookery program could be the show's naughtiest yet after the contestants battled through the bread round.

Paul Hollywood had fans rejoicing as he led the double entendres as he showed hopeful winners his 'finger technique' to infuse two rolls of bread for a stable cottage loaf.

Cheeky viewers flocked to Twitter to poke fun at the terminology, before becoming further amused when contestant Julia's snail-shaped bread sculpture turned out to be rather phallic.

After a teaser challenge of making teacakes, the contestants were tasked with forming a cottage loaf.

And in their quest for perfection, eager contestants took initiative as they utilised two of their fingers to make the perfect shape.

The press keep making comment about a big percentage of people recording the programme and watching later.  Is this really a surprise when it means you can fast forward through the adverts at your discretion? Its exactly what we do.

After being crowned Star Baker two weeks running, the marketeer from Watford finally slipped up. His Madras cocktail teacakes were over-proved and promptly sank, prompting Paul Hollywood to declare it was “not your finest hour”. Phew. Steven’s perfection was in danger of making the contest a foregone conclusion. 

However, he soon found redemption by coming third in the technical, then creating another stunning showstopper: a handbag sculpture entitled “The Bag I Knead”, which had Paul Hollywood bowled over.

Despite the amazing handbag sculpture the first non-Steven Star Baker of the series was crowned -  Russian-born aviation broker Julia Chernogorova. This year’s second youngest baker had been looking forward to Bread Week, proclaiming that she “loved her dough”, and was duly a model of consistency throughout all three rounds. 

Her Earl Grey-infused teacakes were a fruity treat, she came runner-up in the cottage loaf technical and her Snail Under a Mushroom showstopper featured four breads rather than three. When the judges praised its texture and flavour (if not the snail’s suggestive shape), Julia was weepy with joy.

Tom and Steven (him again) ran her closest but Julia deserved her accolade - not least because she casually revealed that she’d practised her showstopper “only six or seven times”. Is that all? 

Liverpudlian grandmother Flo became the third person to leave the Great British Bake Off tent after her pirate's chest made of bread sank to levels not appreciated by the judges.  Flo is a likeable character and will be missed.  Unfortunately it became evident that despite being an excellent cook she was only prepared to do things the way she has always done them to please her family over the years (nothing wrong with that).  She didn’t appear to want to go that extra distance to produce items with a better finish.  Her fellow contestants were, and it was time for her to leave with distinctions.  All the best to Flo for the future.

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Jayne Mitchell
Jayne Mitchell

September 28, 2017

Very amusing episode and I will certainly miss Flo!

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