Bake Yourself a Better Income

November 10, 2021

Bake Yourself a Better Income

Hello Bakers

As the nights draw in and we make preparations for Christmas our thoughts turn to how we are going to fund the festivities.

If we've been able to put anything away, its time to look into those savings accounts to see what we are going to allocate the funds to.

Here at Poppy Towers we put a bit away each month to save for the turkey and trimmings (hopefully).  Its a source of continuous disappointment to see the interest or lack of it in our account.  The interest rate is a miserly 0.05% on our account.  Inflation is running at 3 or 4% officially (unofficially more).  This means our money is losing value year on year.

What to do about it?

We have been testing an income source that offers three times your initial investment.  We can confirm that it does what it says on the tin from investing since last year.

If you are tired of your spending power being eroded year on year then send us an email to and we will send you more information to view at your leisure.

There is no cold calling, just videos for you to view and decide if its for you.  We won't follow up, but are here if you have any questions.

We can either keep taking a reduction in our living standards on the chin or do something about it.

Have a nice day and keep baking.





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