Great British Bake Off – Episode 4 Caramel Creations

September 20, 2017

Great British Bake Off – Episode 4 Caramel Creations

Great British Bake Off – Episode 4 Caramel Creations

It was the first ever Caramel Week in the Bake Off tent, that produced plenty of sticky moments.

The signature started with the Great Caramel Classic – Millionaires Shortbread.  Many differing creations  from the same theme.  Too much variation for our liking.  Simply love the well known ‘basic’  Millionaires Shortbread.  Liam became the come back king in this section with his Salted Peanut Butter Shortbread much to the liking of the judges especially Paul.

Kate took top rank with her Salted Bay Shortbread that was aromatic, delicately patterned and perfectly textured, using bay leaves picked from her own tree (of course she’s a gardener too). A respectable midway finish in the technical kept her in “SB” contention. 

The technical challenge set by Prue  was  the famous Dutch delicacy stroopwafels.  Nobody satisfied the judges in this challenge and Stacey took the accolade for this one by being the best of a bad bunch.  It would have been nice if they had revealed how to not make grainy caramel for this challenge as everyone did without exception.  Tom and James were now in mortal danger after poor signature dishes as well.

So it was down to the showstopper caramel cake to decide the Star Baker and the the next casualty.  Steven produced an epic caramel crown cake but fell short on taste.  He was behind Liam and Kate for top spot for SB .  Kate took the prize with her Sticky Toffee Apple Cake showstopper, topped with brightly coloured fireworks and tasting so spectacular that Prue Leith asked for the recipe. High praise indeed. It’s a favourite of Kate’s family on Bonfire Night and got “oohs” and “aahs” in the tent too. Consistent Kate is starting to look a potential finalist.  Liam was somewhat unfortunate second and had made a remarkable improvement on some exit threatening weeks previously – well done Liam!

Tom served up an undercooked bake to confirm his exit after having a very poor week.  A bit of a surprise as we thought he was a middle of the road potential improver in previous weeks.

I’m off for a Curly Wurly after all that caramel talk.  More to chew on next week.

Happy Baking!



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